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Epic 9/11 Remembrance

Sept 11, 2001…A horrific attack on the US. If you lived in NYC, you know it was chaos. What you also know is regular folks did extraordinary things that day. One of those people is Richie Pearlman. Richie an EMS volunteer, and 18 years old, ran into the towers on 9/11 to help people. Richie perished in the towers performing a heroic act, like many other 1st responders. Fast foward, PJ Marcel like many said the words “never forget”. PJ decided to live up to his promise and organize the largest 9/11 ride in NYC.

On 9/8/19, the ride was set. The weather was amazing. PJ put out the call and people responded. We got to the Aqueduct about 10 am and the place was packed! The run was not scheduled to leave till 1 pm. We walked around listening to the bands, eating some grub from the vendors and checked out the wares for sale. We listened to some of the tributes on the stage which always pulls at the heartstrings. When it was time to start up the bikes, these guys has a police HELICOPTER buzz of the crowd and hover for some photos!!! VERY COOL!! The number of bikes was insane!! There were over 2,000, yes 2,000 on the ride. 2,000 bikes rolling through NYC! AWESOME!!!!!!

The fully escorted ride went through Queens with people lining the streets waving flags, clapping and snapping pix. Many of the FDNY trucks were along the route with massive flags unfurled from the trucks. We rolled into the city and got to my favorite part…..coming out of the Battery tunnel up the West side to Ground Zero. Again people going absolutely bananas cheering and waving….hell some folks were THANKING us for what we were doing – so cool. The ride kept rolling through NYC to Times Square and back to the Aqueduct.

This ride is truly incredible. Honestly should not be missed. It’s a tremendous reminder of 9/11 and an honoring of those we lost…heroes! Big thanks again to PJ for pulling this together. Follow the ride on FB at

I can’t wait for next year to see what this ride brings!!

Check out some pix below from my buddy and photographer extraordinaire, Mad Stork (

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