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Shooting the Breeze With Lee Bullock

So, I’ve been following Lee Bullock on the ole IG for a bit.  I always really dug his painting style and cool subject matter!  So when I was down in Daytona Beach  I went over to Boogie East at the Annie Oakley Saloon and low and behold Lee was set up.  Lee was a really nice guy and we shot the shit for a bit.  I took his card and had him paint up my ’94 FXSTS.  (and it came out awesome!!)  Get out what Lee had to say……..


 1.  What’s your name and what do you do?

>> My name is Lee Bullock, and I’m a painter.

 2.  How did you first start getting in art?

>> I got into art as early as I can remember.  My parents were real supportive, and even put me in YMCA painting classes as a kid.
3.  I understand you used to tattoo.  Do you still tattoo?  what made you stop?

>> I did!  For about a 14 year career.  I no longer tattoo, and honestly couldn’t be happier. I went through fazes of burnt out and stoked on tattooing for years.   Finally with painting, I was making enough sales to see my way out.
4.  I am huge fan of your art. Do you work in other medium besides water color? 

>> I only paint water color/ liquid acrylic currently.

 5.  You mainly do motorbikes, but do you take on any other subject matter?

>> I do a fair amount of portraits as well.  Humans and pets.  But I also do wildlife, cars, even houses on occasion. Motorcycles are just what most people want from me.

 6.  Is there any one piece that really stands out for you?

>> Currently, several of my large scale pieces.  36×48” and larger.   Not easy with such a messy medium.  But I’ll have favorites that come and go all the time. Usually ones I like the most, tend to not sell for the longest time. So really, I hope I hate them haha

7.  Shifting gears a bit, when did you first get into motorbikes ?

>> I loved bike for as long as I can remember, but growing up, I was forbidden.  My mom lost a friend when she was in high school and hated bikes.  But I’ve been riding for around 8-9 years i guess.  Not too long.

 8.  What has your first bike and what are you currently rolling around on?

>> My very first bike was a ‘74 cb500.  Didn’t last long on imports.  Now my daily is a ‘42 EL Knucklehead. 

 9.  There are alot of grass root bike events popping – how’s the scene out in Texas? 

>> There’s tons of stuff here just like everywhere.  I dont really do the big ones like ROT rally and the Galveston Rally.  Giddy Up vintage chopper show is pretty fun. It’s coming up on its 6th year.   And next April I’m really looking forward to the Texas Fandango, which is an amca sponsored event. Swap, races, bike show, camp out, rides, chopper games, the works.  All In Fredericksburg Texas which is picturesque Texas hillcountry.

 10.  So if people want some killer art, how do they get in touch with you?

>> There’s several ways that I’ll list, but the absolute easiest is to just email
But also my website:
Instagram: @leebullockart
Facebook: Lee Bullock Art.
Lee Bullock Art
IG: @leebullockart

Go check Lee out and grab yourself some custom art!!  He does some AWESOME stuff and remember to support artists and small business!!!



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