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Little Convo with Debbie Fitch!

So we got a bit of time with one of my friends and a bad ass photographer to boot..Debbie Fitch.  Debbie rides bikes and snaps some killer motor culture pix!!   Her pix really captures the moment and she’s just down right humble!    Check out what she’s got to say!!!

1.   State your name and what you do? 
My name is Debbie Fitch and I am a photographer
2.  So how did you get into photography?? 
I’ve been in awe of photography and photographs since I was very young. As a child I would dive into magazines like National Geographic, Life, Rolling Stone, etc. I didn’t even read the articles, there was no need to, the photographs told the whole story. All I wanted was to be is as good as Annie Leibovitz in Rolling Stone. Her eye was on key…every time. I was and still am enamored with her work.
3.  Debbie your photo’s really capture motorculture.  How did you develop your camera skills?
Point and shoot. I try to capture what I like to see and how I see it in my mind. I learned early on to not think too much because if you do then the moment is gone. If you know your camera well enough you can quickly capture what your eye wants. It took years for me to learn what I know now and I’m still learning. Studying photography at a young age helped me understand how to actually see.
4.  I’ve seen the pix of you strapped in the back of a pick up truck to shoot the Hipster Killer crew on the BQE….What’s the craziest thing you’ve done to get a shot? 
Some folks think it’s crazy that I shoot from my bike but I think it’s crazier to shoot from the back of a pickup truck. That day with Austin and his crew was actually the craziest shoot to date. There I was in this harness with a strap chained to a hook literally standing on the tailgate blowing through the cobblestone streets of Brooklyn. I swear, even with a bum leg, my balance is pretty fuckin awesome. A great day that was…and no arrests!
5. Living as close are you do to Philly and NY there are tons of amazing places and bikes to shoot.  Any particular shoot your exceptionally fond of? 
There was a shoot I did with Bobby Seeger of Indian Larry Motorcycles when the sun was going down and we were just hammering through Brooklyn. I don’t even think we were on an actual professional shoot. We were just having fun. They are the best shoots because I’m just doing it for me. No limits, no rules, no expectations.
6.  What is your favorite subject matter to shoot ?  
People definitely! I love portraits especially when the person does not know I’m there. There’s something about a person’s face and hands that I’m so intrigued by. They tell such stories.
7.  Shifting gears a bit….What bike are you currently riding?  
I have a 2013 Harley Streetbob.
8.  Folks may not know you were in a bad bike accident. Did you find  it hard to get back in the saddle? 
I bought the bike I currently have while still dealing with my broken back and upcoming surgeries. I just needed to know I still had a bike once I overcame my injuries. I could hear bikers roar past my bedroom window and it would break my heart. All I wanted to do is get back on the bike. It’s just in me I guess.
9.  What is one of your favorite things about the bike scene?  
Comradery. Having a feeling of belonging with so many people. I can’t count how many bikers I’ve met throughout my life and I’ve never felt more respected, always. Not only as a fellow biker and photographer but as a woman.
10.  Tell where folks can get int touch with you to check out more of your pix and buy a few prints?    
Prints are available through my website as well as my store.
My Instagram is: dfitchphoto
Facebook is: D Fitch Photography
Thanks for taking the time Debbie.  Go check her out, follow her social media and pick up some prints.  Remember support your industry and support small business!!!!
Check out some of Debbie’s work below!!!

2 thoughts on “Little Convo with Debbie Fitch!

  1. Thank Mr Hijinx. Deb Fitch is one of my favorite photogs an I have a couple of her photos hanging in my house. Keep up the great work Deb xoxo
    Thanks Hijinx for this story

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