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We have done it !!  We have gotten interviews with both the Frizzell brothers!!!  This time we are chatting with biker/painter extraordinaire, George the Painter…or just GTP for short!   Sit back and check it out!!!!!

How did you get into painting?

I never really ‘got into it’ it’s just something I’ve always done. I went to art school a bit but I majored in drinkin’ and chasin’ skirts.  All I really learned there was to paint in a structured environment. Once I sobered up it was all I had left and I was basically unemployable so I just started full time.

Do you have any formal art training or are you self taught?

 Like I stated before I went to art school where I learned the very basics the rest I taught myself. I used to tell everyone I had a massive education in art and that helped sell some pieces but anymore I could give a fuck, I put out the best work I can and hope that the work sells itself on its own merits and not by a dog and pony shown.

Your  paintings of motors are incredible, what is your favorite subject to paint?

Honestly,  I love motorcycles and mechanical shit. I’m really into metallurgy in a visual sense and like to be able paint different types of metal so that the viewer can tell. What’s the sense in painting an old motor if you can’t tell it has cast iron cylinders. The only down side is that the bikes I’m into are choppers and chopper guys don’t have shit for spare cash so selling them can be rough at times. If I wanted to make serious cash I would start painting horses or some such shit. Unfortunately, I’d have to deal with all those dickheads that ride them so I’ll stay broke and try not to complain about it.

You are definitely known for your oil work – any other mediums you work in and why the lean toward oils?  

Oils almost exclusively.  I’ve used other mediums,  but nothing compares with oils for those attributes that make oils what they are and for the longevity which the finished painting are capable of. A properly done oil painting will last for hundreds of years so they’ll be around long after we are gone. Anything other than oils is a crap shoot on how long it will last. I’m making heirlooms

Let’s switch it up-  how long have you been riding?  what got you into it? 

So long I can’t even remember, shit I’ve been riding the Latowski for over 30 years. I’ve always been into bikes but the whole Harley Davidson chopper thing started when I saw a couple of far out choppers riding through my neighborhood when I was nothing but a tiny sprout.

What are you currently riding  ? 

Like I said before, the Latowski. It’s a 1979 FLH that my Dad bought new and I received it when he blew the motor the first time at 2000 miles. It’s got well over 500,000 miles now. I also built a Shovel powered long bike with a 24” over front end and I recently picked up an old battered Evo bagger I’m messing around with.

You’ve gotten around a lot on your bike – where’s the best riding you’ve done ?  

I’ve been up and down both coasts and back and forth across the country around 11 time and the best riding consistently is right here in West Virginia, that’s why I moved here. With the steep climbs and ridiculous twisties it’s perfect to ride a Shovelhead on. There are a lot of great roads in our great country but these I will have to say are consistently good. You can go through a tank a gas before hitting a stoplight and the only reason you’d hit that one is because there’s a light by the gas station!

So, a bunch a years ago, you took a ride up to OCC and Paul Sr autographed a hunk of bologna!!!   A), what was his reaction and B) how did you come up with such a brilliant idea!!!! 

Fuck those guys!

 The bike scene has evolved a lot of the years – What’s gotten better  and what sucks??

     Shit man, don’t get me started. There is now almost every aftermarket and hard to find part is simply a few clicks away. The world has completely changed from when I was coming up. The whole scene has become very popular which when you ask guys from my generation that’s not why we started riding.

  Initially the whole biker subculture was a matter of escapism and that’s why you were on two wheels. You simply left everything at home besides some tools, a few bucks in your pocket and maybe some weed. You’d make one phone call to your friends and then met up and left the world behind. You’d deal with your actually life after you got back home.

  Now the world is in your pocket and everything is posted there. People don’t ‘come up’ anymore and you don’t earn your chops to be respected you now gather ‘likes’ whatever THEY are.

  You now have people flying to bike events and jumping on all the fads that are out now. Shit, you can put a set of handlebars on something now and enough people pay attention you can call yourself a bike builder.  That’s like me painting by numbers and calling myself a painter.

  It will never be the same as it used to be. The word ‘brother’ gets thrown around so often these day that I doubt if anyone knows what it really takes to be one. Kids today aren’t living a counter culture life now, they are pretending to live one by copying what they think came before. The culture that I grew up with has gone the way of the Dodo and what has replaced it is a far cry from the freedom we all sought before. At least the women are better looking now.

Where can folks see ya or get in touch with ya to commission some killer art work?

George Frizzell on facebook and @georgethepainter on instagram


Thanks, George!  Appreciate ya taking the time.   Check out GTP’s social media and pick yourself up an heirloom!!  You will be glad ya did!!!  I got couple myself!  Ya can also grab a GTP trucker hat from us  – just 28 American dollars to on Paypal will get one to your door in the lower 48! All the cool kids got em!!     Check out some of GTP’s work below……




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