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Sitting down with Johnny Mac!


Today we are talking with John Marcella from Johnny Mac’s Chopper House in Philadelphia PA!  Johnny Mac’s has been putting out some killer bikes in the Philly area.  You can usually catch ‘em at many of the big events!


  1. For the record, state your name and what ya do?

Hey my name is John Marcella (Johnny Mac) of Johnny Mac’s Chopper House. I’m a custom bike builder.


  1. How long has Johnny Mac’s Chopper House been in biz and what made you decide to open the shop?

We have been in business building bikes since 2007 so about 10 years. I started the shop after I built a custom bobber for my son for a graduation present from high school. I got divorced and moved into a apartment that my family owned but it was in a expensive area. The kids up there were getting expensive cars from their parents but I couldn’t afford that. I have always built race cars and custom bikes, so I built a custom bobber for my son (who was the only kid in school that had a sleeve of tattoos) well it won a few shows and people started asking me if I would build them a bike. So, I started a little business and it took off.


  1. Tell us a bit about the shop….

We build a few different styles of bikes, choppers, bobbers and pro-street. We are also getting into the Baggers but we don’t go bigger than a 26inch front wheel. I have mixed feelings about it the whole big wheel craze but to each his own


  1. You guys seem to do it all…where do you draw your inspiration when doing a build?

We get our inspiration from the chopper Gods such as Bobby Seeger of Indian Larry’s, Billy Lane of Choppers Inc. also Joe Martin of Martin brothers. I actually like everyone’s work


  1. Are your builds mainly customer builds? How much leeway do clients generally give you on a build? 

Our builds are all customer orders. We have been blessed to have a pretty good customer base so far. We do have plans to build a few bikes to have for sale God willing. Another aspect of our shop is our charity bikes. We feel we’re blessed to do what we love and want to do our best to help the less fortunate.


  1. Do you have a favorite style bike you prefer?

I have a few favorite style bikes but I built myself a 250 tire springer Chopper


  1. It feels like the hayday of TV bike builder TV shows has passed….do you feel like that has helped the industry ?

I do feel the hay day of the TV chopper shows have helped the industry. I think it brought a lot of talent to the for front of our industry.

  1. Last year was the first Aidan’s ride Philly….thanks for hosting, we had a blast!  Any plans for another ride this year?

We are planning another “Aidan Ride Philly” Mother fucking Mike and myself are working on even a better ride this year hopefully including a block party Philly style.


  1. What’s the schedule for 2017…what events are you guys gonna be hitting?

In 2017 were planning on being in Daytona, Sturgis and of course the Indian Larry’s Block Party.


  1. How can folks get in touch with you guys?

People can call the shop at 267-538-6466 or can get in touch with us on social media. I appreciate all the support from everyone thank you.

John Marcella
JM Logistics PA LLC.

Thanks for the time John!!  Check out some of Johnny Mac’s work below.  Give them a Facebook follow:

or on IG:



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