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The Man Behind ChopperTime!!

This time around we got to spend a little time with a Daytona Beach legend…Willie from Tropical Tattoo. Not only is Willie the proprietor of a kick ass tattoo shop in Ormond Beach Fla,   he has been putting on one of the BEST chopper shows around!!!  It is a ‘do not miss this fucking thing”… Continue reading The Man Behind ChopperTime!!

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A Man Named Shoe!

We got an opportunity to chat with one of the koolest kats on the NJ scene…SHOE!!!!  Shoe is a massive bike, car and cool connoisseur!   Hailing from the dirty Jerze, Shoe is the owner of the tattoo landmark Tattooville in beautiful Linden NJ.  Sit back, crack a beer, and take a read…….. 1  What’s your… Continue reading A Man Named Shoe!

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Hanging with a Hipster Killer!

Today we are talking with Hipster Killer, Austin Johnson!  Austin has been riding bikes for a LONG time – like longer than some of you have been walking the planet!  This man has been there and done that!!!   Let’s see what he’s got to say…..      Let’s start with a soft ball….What’s your… Continue reading Hanging with a Hipster Killer!

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Conversation with Kissa Von Addams!

Check it out!!  This time around we are talking with burlesque beauty and chopper rider Kissa Von Addams!!   Do yourself a favor CHECK HER OUT if she is performing in your area!!   You will not be dissappointed!!!   Here we goooooo……………….. For the record, state your name and what you do. Hey all.… Continue reading Conversation with Kissa Von Addams!

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Dumb Words of Tall Idiots….with Jimmy Frizzel

For this edition, we are talking with Jimmy Frizzel….If you don’t follow Jimmy, King Shit  on the interweb, I suggest you check him out.  He’s putting out some really awesome art!    You can also catch his article every month in one of the best motorbike magazines out there,  Cycle Source Magazine….Let’s get into it……..  … Continue reading Dumb Words of Tall Idiots….with Jimmy Frizzel