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Flying High With Cole Freeman

Last Sept. when we attended the Indian Larry Block Party we had the opportunity to see an amazing stunt.  Right on the streets of Brooklyn NY a dare devil was going to jump 5,000 bottles of  water and they threw few bikes under the ramps  for good measure.   Oh yeah and he did it on a street bike, a Harley XG750.   Talk about bad ass!   Cole gave us a few mins of his time so let’s check out what he has to say……

1. Cole, first question out of the gate, how did you get into stunt jumping???? I was doing thrill shows for a long time over a decade and the guy I started doing them with used to jump so I got the idea from Jeff Schnieder and obviously Evel Knievel.
2. I think I could take a wild guess, but who inspired you / who do you look up to in the motorcycle
community ? First and foremost Evel Knievel! But other people in the industry would be Jeff, Wildman Wayne, Jason Briton, Jason Pullen, teach McNeil, and many more like DOUG Domokos.
3. What did you do before you starting stunt riding? Really been stunt riding since the beginning but since being a stunt rider I’ve done a lot lol. Landscaping, construction, furniture, flooring, roofs, painting, phones sales, cameras sales, and a firefighter paramedic as well. Lots,  lol even washed dishes and flipped burgers.
4.  How long have you been riding bikes and what got you into it? I started at 18 and my buddy Justin Bates got a bike and that got me wanting one. My dad always rode and had a Harley Since I was in high school.
5.  A lot of guys do stunt riding and jumping on M/X bikes, you don’t!  What’s your favorite bike to jump ?  I like jumping the Road Glide for the simple fact it’s nuts. But the XG 750 is pretty fun to send far and stretch the ramps.
6.   I saw you jump in the streets of Brooklyn at the Indian Larry Block was INSANE!!!  Any jump that stands out or you look back and say “what the fuck was I thinking?” Ya definitely the corn palace road glide jump where I broke everything the bike, the record, the ramps lol it’s on YouTube now you can go to my channel but make sure you subscribe lol.  (check out the video here and hit the subscribe button!)
7.  One of my favorite it pix from the block party is you shaking a kid about 10 years old hand and the look on the kids face its priceless!!!   What keeps ya jumping? Those exact moments that kid will always remember me and I want to inspire people to live outside the comfort zone and go for what they want. Don’t be afraid to follow your dreams
8.  I assume you ride a legit street bike too!  What’s your daily ride?  The road glide I jump lol literally
9.    I would guess you’re an adrenaline junkie, what do you do to slow it down???? Disc golf is my favorite chill mode it’s amazing for the soul
10.  Stunt riding is coming back strong.  What advice can you give to folks getting into it? Save your money because it’s not cheap and use your back break lol
11.  So where can folks see you perform?  order swag ?  or just support the cause????
 Follow our Instagram and go to @ILLCONDUCT and Camera Man Chris  and coming  soon .

Thanks, Cole!!!  Really appreciate you taking the time and more importantly thanks for helping to keep stunt riding and thrill shows alive!  Folks,  check out  Cole on Instagram Flying High Cole Freeman

Show some support and be sure to check Cole out live if he’s in your area!!  If people don’t support these shows, they’ll disappear.   I sure as heck don’t want to see that !!!

You can also check out Ill Conduct on-line HERE  !!

We got some media to check out below……


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