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Epic Block Party!!

The Indian Larry block party is THE party to hit in Brooklyn!  This year was the 15th annual and was one for the record books!.If you have never been to the block party before, they have it all  – tattoos, bands, vendors, raffles, bikes, beer, liquor, food, stunt shows..and of course insanity.   The weather in the NYC area has SUCKED.  We had rain for days leading up to the block party but miraculously, the skies cleared and Sat Sept 15th was a glorious day!!!    Me, my buddies Sal and Ben shot over what we thought was earlier (8:15am) but the block was jamming already!!  The Hard Rider mobile shop was already setting up along with a bunch of other vendors and bbq grills.   We got right to it and set up the Hijinx booth!  We even cut out some space for Spade George to sell some MCMF stickers and patches.   Just as we finished up  Josh Kohn came down the block and popped up the sidecar but lost it a little and crashed into the booth!!   No one was hurt, we had some laughs, set up again and charged and extra $5 for the hats that got ran over (kidding).

The bikes started rolling in  and the block started filling up.   Almost immediately, the tattoo line formed up!  I got to slip away to say hi to  my friend’s Cindy and Dylan Panarra – Cindy was Richie Pan’s wife and Dylan his son.  They were at the show with Richie’s bike Viola keeping Richie’s memory alive and just launched a new website Richie Pan  .   Check it out!

The bands hit the stage and the party was jamming!!  At 2pm some real insanity ensued….Flying Cole Freeman jumped 9,000 bottles of water and 5 Harley’s.  IN THE STREETS OF BROOKLYN NY!!   Now, Cole doesn’t jump on motocross bikes….he jumped on a 750 Harley Street bike.   Cole nailed it!!  The crowed went wild!!  This guy is amazing!

There was sick stunt riding going on as well until one dude’s wheelie got away from him and lost it.  The cops shut it down before anyone got hurt.  Can’t argue with that!

The day marched on into night and bout 9pm or so the block started to wind down .  Although the party in the shop was raging on!!  We loaded up the truck and  headed back to Jersey.

What a great time….I’m not sure how they can out do this one but I’m sure they will!!!!!

Check out some pix of the mayhem by Mad Stork


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