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Let the Good Times Roll!!

August 18th in Brooklyn,  Vander’s shop Vander Bilt put on one kick ass block party…   Let the Good Times Roll !!  This is the second year for the event and it  was getting a bunch of buzz on the Instagram so a big crowd was expected!!  There was a threat of some rain in the forecast as usual but that didn’t slow things down!

I rolled over early in the am to see if there was anything I could do to help and there were already a ton of people gathering.   Vander asked me to help out with the raffle prizes and put together the raffle bags….man, these things were INSANE!!!  There was a First Mfg jacket and vest, a couple of custom leather wallets, Biltwell gift certs, Low Brow gift certs, set of handle bars, a custom brake light by OG Patty, a Richie Pan gift bag,  Hijinx swag, etc etc..  Really a ton of great stuff!!

Once the raffle bags were sorted out, I wandered  outside and the place was getting packed….the grills were fired up and the beer was flowing…..A bunch of vendors were set up on the block slinging gear and  bikes and hot rods were rolling in and lining the streets.   Immortal Ink was set up in the shop tattooing anyone that was looking for some new ink.

The first band hit the stage and got the party kicked off!!  When the first band finished up, we gotta little rain.  Vander got up on stage and assured everyone it was only a blessing of holy water, so the party raged on!!  No really seemed to care and the rain was short lived!!   Once the rain passed the sun came back out!!   There were a bunch of dudes ripping wheelies and rolling burn outs…general mayhem!

I was able to catch up with a friends and have a few beers.  The day flew by..I needed to get back to Dirty Jersey so I split about 8 or so – just as the rain started again!!!  But the party raged on!  I got a bit wet on the ride home but made it safe and sound.  What a great day!!!  I’m looking forward to next year already!!!!

Check out some pix….BIG thanks to JJ for the pix!!!!



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