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Hustling with the Jugtown Mountain Motor Club!

This past weekend was one of the greatest Hot Rod shows in NJ….the Hot Rod Hustle.  The Jugtown Mountain Motor Club puts this show on every August and it never disappoints.  This summer the weather in the tri-state area has totally blown!  ALOT of rain!!!!  So no surprise the “incredibly accurate” weathermen (sarcasm)  called for some rain.  The threat of rain seems to scare off a lot of folks from attending so attendance was off quite a bit but man the joke was on the them!  The weather absolutely amazing!!!

I was on vacation with the family up in the Pocono’s but I still managed to slip away for a few hours to check out the show and I was glad I did!! The show had some really awesome bands playing all day.  They had a bunch of food vendors set up right next to the beer garden this year which was an awesome change this year.  And of course , a bunch of really killer cars and motorcycles!  The artists at Immortal Ink was were slinging ink all day and even had the wheel of fate….. spin the wheel and where ever it stops, you get that tattoo for $120!  Awesome idea!!!!!

We got to hang out, have a few (too many) beers and catch up with a bunch of friends!!  All in all a great day!!! Very glad we ignored the weathermen  and  made the drive!!  It was totally worth it!   I highly  recommend this event!  Don’t miss it next year and please don’t listen to the weathermen next time!!  If the weather kept you home, you missed a great day!!!  Hopefully see ya there next year!!

Snapped a couple a pix….check em out!!



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