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Pat Perrone Poker Run!!

I never had the pleasure to me Pat Perrone but I do know some of his buddies and if birds of a feather flock together, I think he was a stand up guy.   Any loss is tragic and this one is no different.   When their buddy Zombie Rob got slammed by an Escalate (#FUCKESCALADES) and lost his leg,  his friends started  a run to raise money…the One Legged Run.  While in the midst of planning the event, Pat Perrone was in a bike accident and tragically lost his life.  The next year, the Pat Perrone Poke Run was born.  This is the second year and I’ll ya for a fairly new event the turnout was awesome.  Since I was slinging gear all day, I couldn’t do the run.  Me and my boy Sal got there early and set up Hijinx Headquarters .  Zombie Rob was there early so we caught up a bit and had some beers.  Our friends at Tom’s East Coast Photo’s set up next to us and we got ready to sell!!  My buddy Retired Turnpike Steve swung by the booth with his beautiful wife and posted up in our tent  for awhile .

When the run started showing up it was on!  The park in Linden was AWESOME plenty of shade and no one to bother us.  The event had my favorite…BEER, burgers, dogs,  music and raffles   Since Pat was a huge animal lover, proceeds went to the NJ SPCA in Pat’s honor.  After some somber words to honor Pat’s memory…the party was on!!!   Asphalt Suicide put on a great stunt show on the street to keep the crowd entertained and then they fired up the burnout pits!!   The crowd was very generous to us and the party was a blast!!!   Raffle’s included, gift cert’s to tattoo shops, some Tom Birardi art, a mystery box (no strippers or cocaine in the box) and many more prizes!   This event promises to be even better next year!!  Give The Pat Perrone Poker Run a follow on IG to keep up with the latest on the event and check some great pix and video footage….way better than the pix I got below!!!!!   Thanks to The Pat Perrone Poker run for a great event and some world class hospitality.    We are proud to support these guys keeping their brother’s memory alive!  Give em some support next year and come on out!!!!




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