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Aidan’s Ride Brooklyn Style

Sunday June 24th was the date.  Another Aidan’s Ride to help the Aidan Jack Seeger Foundation raise some money and awareness to fight ALD.  If you don’t know what ALD is, it’s a genetic diseases that impacts mainly boys.  By the time the disease shows symptoms, it’s too late.  The foundation is trying to pass nation wide screening of infants to detect the disease early on as well as help families with children suffering from this horrible disease.  Check out  The Aidan Jack Seeger Foundation to get more info.

Sunday started off a bit sketchy, there was some drizzle and clouds but that wasn’t holding me back.  My buddy Tim came by at 9 am and we were off!!  We hit Indian Larry’s bout 9:45,  the crowds were gathering and sun was coming out!!  We registered and started to mingle.  Everyone was having some laughs  and catching up.   If you’ve never done  this ride, it’s  s amazing.  This year the route was 55 miles and  it’s a full police escort through NY so no lights, no stops signs and no traffic – yeah I get it,  a lot of the NY crew ride that way any hows but you get the idea.   About  11 am or so, the painters tape was handed out to cover your plates (red light cams in NY) and we started to line up.  I’m not sure how many bikes there were but I’d guess over 100.    PJ got on the bull horn and barked out some simple rules of the road – basically keep right, the cops and some of the NY crew were gonna be blocking traffic and flying by on the left.   We lined up and took off.  As we rode through Brooklyn, people lined the streets waving, clapping and taking pix!  Not gonna lie –  pretty cool.

We blasted over the Brooklyn Bridge for a short rip in Manhattan, then back to Brooklyn and up the Belt over to the Cross Island and up the BQE.  The cops were doing a hellva job blocking traffic and keeping the procession rolling.  At one point on the Cross Island I saw Peter Gunz blasting  up the left side on his bad ass Dyna,  homeboy was COOKING…I think  he said he passed me at about a buck twenty or so.  Classic!!!

By far the coolest part of the ride was the second pass onto the Brooklyn Bridge.  Mid-span, the procession stopped for a photo op!! !  PJ managed to get one of the chase trucks transporting the Mad Stork and Bryan Helm to the front to take some insane pics!!!    Of course, a bunch of guys started lighting up the bridge with burnouts!!  My man, Diso is in some killer shots letting some rubber loose!  It was crazy – the Brooklyn Bridge SHUT DOWN on Sunday at 1pm!!!!  The best was the looks on the tourists on the upper level looking down at this mayhem!!   We rolled off the bridge and headed back to the shop…just for good measure my buddy Davey decided to rip a wheelie down the block passing a highway cop – too funny!!

Back at the shop, the crowds grew.  There was food, beer, music and raffles!   It’s a bit of a joke my buddy Tim wins something every year…this year he won 3 prizes – He ain’t allowed to go next year!!  They even opened a hydrant for the kids to play in –  The after party was cranking.  Everyone was having a blast – We stuck around till about 4 or so and decided to roll out.  Davey, Diso  Erik and I  all split together – Davey got his first chance to #splitlaneandcheatdeath in Brooklyn as we blasted to the Holland Tunnel splitting all the way!  What a great time!!  I highly recommend you try to make the event if you can, or check out other Aidan’s Rides that are popping up all over the country!!

Check out some pix below!

Little Youtube Vid of the ride




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