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Mama Tried, again!

Well,  the weekend of Feb 24th was another incredible motorcycle show  in balmy Milwaukee, Wisconsin.   Mama Tried!!  In the dead of winter,  Mama Tried warms my cold black  heart for whole bunch of reasons I’ll  get into below. My wife and I hopped a flight early Friday am.  As we pulled into the parking I got a call from the Mad Stork “Hey Fella, where are ya I’m at the gate”!   We made our way through security  to the gate and man,  the plane was PACKED with our friends all going to the show.  Geez, it looked like a chartered flight!!!   We landed in Milwaukee bout 10 am and shuffled off to the Iron Horse Hotel. I love this hotel, I mean it’s a bit pricey but the rooms are great and the vibe is cool – more about that later.

After checking in we hit the bar, yes around 11 am!  Friends started to gather from all over the country.  In fact, we made some new friends from the UK….(you know who you are!!!).  That is one of my favorite things about this show.  the people!  We caught up with old friends and made some new ones,  we all yucked it up a bit then when out to eat at the Market.  A great spot in the city that has tons of restaurants, bars etc!  From there we went over to Nick’s Anvil a super cool little watering hole.  There was a full on party going on over there so we started slamming PBR’s .  More friends flowed in from all over the place and we got to doing some drinking and laughing!!  Social media is funny man – I got to actually meet (you know the old fashioned “meet”…. the hug and hand shake kind of meet) some folks I’ve “known” for years from the interweb!

We were having such a good, time flew by!!  We had to get back to the Iron Horse to meet friends that had our tickets to Flat Out Friday. Thanks to my very good friends Bobby and Traci James, we piled into Bobby’s van and blasted back.  We rounded up our crew and headed to the races.  This is a must see if you go to Mama Tried.  It’s race after race  of flat track action.  Bike screaming, tires squealing, bars jamming….you get the idea.    We watch the races from the edge of our seat!!  Really exciting night!   After the races, we hit another bar JR’s Hook with a bunch of friends till the wee hours.

Sat we were up and at em – around noon.  Then off to Mama Tried.  The venue moved this year and to be honest at first I wasn’t feeling it.   The building was beautiful but cavernous.   The bikes were all on one floor but it was so crowded it was tough to see em or at least get good pix and I found it tough to get a handle on where the vendors were set up.   As we did our rounds the venue started to grow on me.  I guess I just needed to get oriented.   We swung upstairs to see my brother, MCMF Austin and his life long partner in crime  MCMF Spade George.  They were showing their documentary Sugar and Spade at the venue and slinging gear.  It was great seeing them taking pictures and chatting up the crowd.  Please, Please, please…make sure you see this film! Check out the details here. We spend the afternoon  wondering around, drooling on some crazy bikes, drinking more beer and laughing with friends.   We split the venue about 4  for an early dinner with about 25 of our friends – the restaurant had no idea what hit em!

After dinner, we hit the legendary Shed to say some “hello’s ” then shot  back to the Iron Horse.  The hotel did it right this year.  They had a local tattoo shop inking any one that was in the market, a band playing, and a burlesque show and that was all in the LOBBY!!  We drank, shot pool and generally acted like fools all night.  After ordering some pizza about 2 am I called it quits but the party raged on!!!

Unfortunately, we were heading home on Sunday despite most of my crew hanging till Monday.  We grabbed some drinks at Fuel Cafe a very cool motor culture inspired cafe just walking distance from the hotel.  Then blasted to the airport back to dirty jersey.  Getting home I was totally shot but grinning ear to ear!  Mama Tried delivered the goods once again.  I can’t wait for next year although I hope they move it back to President’s day weekend so I can get  the extra day in!!!   Check out some pix below

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