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NJ is full of Cheap Thrills

So I’m a one man show so I fall behind a bit!   On Feb 8th, the Cheap Thrills show in beautiful Asbury Park went down!  If you missed the show you really missed out!!!!  This is the 3rd year for the show and it is growing like a fungus on high school locker room shower floor!  Dusty and Walter know how to do it right!!!  This year the show expanded to the upstairs of the convention center and the bikes spilled out to both sided of the pavilion.

My brother, Zach drove up from West Virginia Friday to get his SICK chopper Warbird from Forever Two Wheels Maine into the show.  He dropped the bike at the venue and boogied up to my place to spend the night.  We grabbed some grub and sacked out early cause we had an early start Sat.

The show kicked off at 10 so we were there super early setting up.  As I was loading in I bumped into well known tattooer Oliver Pecker.  Oliver was in town and setting up a booth of his own to sling gear.   We set up the Hijinx booth pretty damn quick thanks to my main man Sal!   We caught up quickly with our friends from Devil Chicken, TWT, Mongo the Motorcycle Dog, Mark V and the list goes on and on.  Then we hunkered down waiting for the masses….

Once the doors opened it was on!  People streamed into the venue all day long.  Shit,  it was like a party in the Hijinx Booth!  We were drinking beers and slinging gear non-stop!  What a blast!!!  Thanks to everyone that came by to buy something or just say ‘hi”   You made it a ton of fun!!!!  The venue was PACKED with parts vendors for all your winter build needs.   Beers were served, Josh Kohn and crew were tattooing all day, music was jamming and the vibe was awesome.

We split after the show to grab some grub at 10 Ave Burrito thanks to a tip from Mitch and Tommy Von!  So glad we did.  The food was awesome!!!!   Check em out if you’re ever in Belmar NJ……bad ass taco’s!!    After dinner, we did up the after party at the Bond St Bar in Asbury Park…Very cool venue packed with a bunch of folks from the show.  We had a ton of laughs till the wee hours .  It was getting late so we grabbed some more tacos and hit the hotel for shut eye.

There was a raffle the show was supposed to go off Sat but ended up going off  Sunday. One LUCKY MOFO won a First Mfg Vest, a custom 1200 SPORTSTER and that’s not it….  A FUCKING MOTORCYCLE TRIP THROUGH THE MOTHERFUCKING HIMALAYAS!!!  WTF!!!!  Who raffles shit like that??!!!   AWESOME!!!

This show is gaining momentum.  You should def check it out next year if ya can!  We are planning on slinging gear again….so SEE YOU THERE!!!  Follow Cheap Thrills on the Instagram @cheapthrillsnj to stay current!!!!

Check out some pix…




4 thoughts on “NJ is full of Cheap Thrills

  1. Yo Mr Hijinx great job with covering Cheap Thrills! It’s a great show. Anyone reading your write up and seeing your photos will definitely want to attend next year. Dude your killing it with your photos skills. Keep up the great work!

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