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Sitting down with Ryzart!!

We were able to get some time with the always busy, extremely talented, Rich Janusz!  Grab some coffee or beer, sit back and give it a read!!!

1.   For the record, state your name and what ya do?
My name is Richard Janusz aka “Ryzart” and I do custom paint, pin striping and signs.
2.   How did you get the name Ryzart?  
 The way I got my name is my real name is Ryszard and I used to sign my artwork with the name RYZ. Then when I got a website together I ended up calling it Ryzart and the name just stuck from then on.
3. Have you always been into art?  What drew you to bikes and motorbike art?
Yes,  I have always been into art. As soon as I was able to pick up a pencil I was drawing. Copying cartoon characters off of cereal boxes and anything else. Art and music have always been a passion of of mine. I was always into low riders, mini trucks and motorcycles and I figured what better way to stay immersed in those scenes then to paint those vehicles. I have also owned various low rider trucks and bikes. I saw a pin striper set up at a show and all he had was his can of paint and a pinstripe brush and he was doing this awesome free handed design on top of a motorcycle tank. After that I was immediately hooked and bought my own supplies and proceeded to pinstripe anything that would sit still long enough for me to pull some lines on.
4.  I’ve seen your set up but tell us about your paint studio? 
 I have a small home studio and I split my work between the basement and the garage in my home. I’ve debated about getting a studio space somewhere else but the convenience of working from home has always been very appealing to me. But I am always keeping my eyes and ears open and if I ever found an affordable spot I would definitely get one.
5.  Putting you on the spot a little,  you’ve done bikes for a number of well know shops, any favorite bike you’ve painted?  
This is a very tough question to answer. There are a lot I have done that are favorites of mine but if I had to pick one it would have to be a bike that I painted for Choppahead out in Massachusetts. I really love cholo/LA style artwork and Truth from Choppahead had me go loose on his daily driver a few years back.
6.  You work in a bunch of different mediums- paint, sketches, on  helmets, wood, bikes, cars, etc   any one in particular your favorite ?  If so why?  
Yes,  I can do many mediums. I love working in different mediums and challenging myself. Plus it keeps it interesting and always gets me work. One day I can be painting a bike, the next day I can be doing an indoor mural with markers and another day be cutting out wood and painting a wood sign. I want to be able to do it all. My favorite medium hands down is gold leaf. I am obsessed with it and love working with it. And my current obsession is glass gilding and even went to train with a sign painter in Philadelphia so he could teach me the craft. You will definitely be seeing more glass work from me in the near future.
7.  Similar question, you do it all, flame jobs, panels, graphics, pin striping, gold/silver leaf – any style you prefer or make you cringe when a customer requests it? 
As I stated in the previous question gold leaf is my most favorite medium and style to do. I really love cholo style and gangster style artwork and traditional tattoo style art and do it very often when I do personal pieces of mine. I would love to do that on clients’ paint jobs as well but not everyone is into that style of work. I’m not a big fan of portrait work. Doesn’t mean I won’t do it or attempt it but I prefer not to do it and most of the time will refer a client to someone who I know specializes in that style.
8  I know you’re always slammed, what  ya got in the spray booth now?? 
Right now I have a motorcycle that I will be doing a flame style paint job on. I have a sign I am doing for a nail salon and also a bunch of t-shirt designs as well.
8.  Shifting gears, you do some cool Suicidal Tendencies styled sketches, whats on the ipod play list when you’re throwing down some paint ?
(2nd part) Oh man my roots in music are Hardcore and Metal but I listen to everything.
Metal, hardcore, punk, blues, old school outlaw country, hip hop, etc. Really broad range of music. But yeah Suicidal Tendencies is a huge favorite of mine. As far as what I am listening to recently:
-Power Trip
-Back Track
-Charley Crockett
-Chris Stapleton
-Wisdom in Chains
-Me and That Man
9.  So what do you do in your down time to relax when you’re not doing art? 
 Relax ? What’s that ???
10.  How can folks get in touch with ya or see your art work ?
 People can get in touch with me via phone: 908-579-6212 or
email : or through social media : Ryzart on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
Also they can check out my website :
I also have a Etsy store where you can buy prints, original one off pieces and shirts, stickers, etc.
Thank you Jay !!!
Thanks, Rich!  Check out some of Rich’s killer art below – Hit him if you’re looking to get some killer custom work  on your bike, car, wall,  windows, bicycle, eh, you get the idea, custom work on ANYTHING!!!!   – Check out his  Etsy store here … Ryzart Design   .
Also a pretty cool vid –  Ryzart Custom Paint by Mike Debbie
Remember to support small business!!!

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