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Lil Chat with Revelry Customs

We grabbed a little time from a friend of ours, Brian Petronchak of Revelry Customs…check it out…..


1. What’s your name and what do ya do for a living ?

Brian Petronchak and I work at a custom car shop doing installs and sales. Plus I started my shop this year.

2. How did you first get into motorbikes?  What was your first bike ?

I’ve been into motorcycles my whole life. I grew up riding and racing motocross witch led to street bikes. My first street bike was a 2005 GSXR 600

3.  What were you doing before you opened the shop and what made you do it?

I’ve been working at my buddy’s custom car shop for 15 years doing fab work and sales but as much as I love cars bikes are my true passion and there ain’t really any custom bike shops in my area. To be honest my shop is just a garage deal at my house for now and I more or less am building a name for myself right now.

4.  What services does the shop perform? Any particular bike brand you prefer to build or work on?

For now I’m mostly just doing full builds for myself to show people what I capable of. I’ve done some custom exhaust and and other things for people and at some point I’d like to get into doing regular maintenance services and things like that.
5. For a new shop you’re making a pretty big splash.   Tell us about some of the shows and events you’ve hit up.  Any favorites?

Yea I got invited to Fuel Cleveland last year for my white triumph build and that was awesome. I have a bunch of friends in the Daytona area so I go every year for bikeweek witch is always a blast. I believe it was you that introduced me to the BMR last year witch was amazing and will definitely be must go too from here on out. I did the lowbrow get down at Nelson Ledges and that was a blast. I take my father in law to all these events with me and he has such a blast. This guy has never rode a motorcycle in his life but he likes to party and is so unbelievably supportive of what I’m doing I just love having him around.

6.  What’s next for Reverly Custom ?

What’s next?  Well I got invited back to Fuel Cleveland this year to be in there builder series with 14 other very talented builders so I pretty pumped about that. This year I’m trying to focus more on getting more customer builds and getting set up for the regular maintenance work.

7.  I know you just had your first kid.  Congrats!  What kind of pressure does that put on you… new shop, new kid.  Bite off a little more, slacker!

Yea man the baby is awesome she definitely keep me busy lol. The pressure isn’t bad due to I still have a day job so the hardest part now is trying to split my time between Mickey and the shop. At this point the baby usually wins but I still manage to find time to get these bikes done.

8.  Dream bike.. what is it????

My dream bike is a panhead chopper.

9.  In your opinion. What’s the best part of motorcycle community?

My favorite part of the the motorcycle community is simply the love and support. I meet so many different people from all walks of life and it doesn’t matter if you ride a big wheel bagger or a raked 16 over chopper, at the end of the day we are all just out here enjoying the freedom of riding a motorcycle.

10.  So tell us where can folks see ya or get in touch with you?

You can find me on instagram @revelrycustomcycles and Facebook at Revelry Custom Cycles.
Thanks, Brian.  Check Revelry out on line or at the next show.   You can even show a little support by picking up some swag at Revelry Customs.

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