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So the IMS (international motorcylce show) rolled into the big apple last week.   I  gottta admit, I always like this show.  Alot of folks give it a pass writing it off to a big corporate event,  Not me…I love the bikes and more importantly the folks that show up.  It’s always as blast hanging with local friends and folks from out of town.   There’s always a bunch of great bike at the show and truth be told, they got beer!   I checked out the show Friday night and to be honest I drank more than I did check out bikes – BUT I had fun!  Our good friends at Cycle Source had some awesome Grease and Gears shows ( I heard the sessions on Sat were EXCELLENT!) – We rolled into the show friday night, and thanks to our buddy Nick at Forever Two Wheels Maine, we got in right quick! Once in the chaos ensued.   We caught up my my close riding buddies, Chris, Mad Stork and OG Patty – we drank beers and had some laughs –  I checked out some sick bikes by Nick Forever Two Wheels Maine, Evan from Speakeasy,  George from Chaos, Meatloaf and Telly the Greek !  As the show winded down a bunch of us hit the big city for a bite to eat!  The beer continued to flow and for some reason I decided to be repsonsible (?) – I hopped in an Uber and headed back to dirty jersey  – the rest of the crew marched on……check out the limited pix I took and try to hit this show if ya can in the big city – NYC is a hoot if you never been……




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