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Atomic Bob!!!!

We were lucky enough to get some time from Atomic Bob…pinstriper and all round kick ass motorkulture artist.   I got to meet Atomic at the BMR and watch him in action.  Guys got skills!!!   Give a read, check out some pix and get in touch with Atomic if ya some killer custom art!!!!


1.         For the record state your name and occupation.

So my official name is Bob Mcelroy aka Atomic or Atomic Bob. I am a pinstriper,  illustrator, and lowbrow artist from northeast Ohio.

2.       What drew you to the whole motorkulture scene?

I’d say what drew me in to the entire scene falls on history. my ol’ man is my dealer that also got me hooked as a kid. he had me hooked on alcohol, nitro, and methanol at a young age! ha!! We spent weekends at the drag strip, flat track, road courses,  dirt drags, go kart races. I was exposed to all types of motorsports,  and even today cant say i like one facet of the gearhead lifestyle more than any other….bikes, cars, planes even! just gimme, all the time.  As for the art and the way that i was able to pull it in to my love of all things engine based. I started as an illustrator and am actually classically trained from cleveland inst. of art. I had to do all subjects, mediums ,and styles while in school. However growing up, all i did from grammar school to high school is exactly what i do now as a living…draw and paint hotrods, monsters, bikes, and tattoo flash! As for the pinstriping and custom paint, it came along later and is directly influenced from the motorkulture scene and my years of involvement in the car and motorcycle world. I have for years been going to bike and car shows painting and striping so many peoples prized possessions! Striping is becoming a lost art and i try to always engage the kids with how fun and rewarding it is to learn the craft. it is a difficult  art to master, but with lots of practice and patience, one day you have it!! When folks start wanting to pay you and your in demand, you’ve made it!

3.       How’d you get the nick name Atomic?

As for my name, it happened by accident,  my company name is atomic dice studio arts.  I named it after a 1940’s comic i loved as a kid. when i did my first pinstriping charity panel jam in pittsburgh, the auctioneer was going so fast she only saw atomic and bob on the panel and i was born as a lowbrow wierdo pinstriper!! That was back in 2010 and things have gone up from there!!

4.  This will prob be a tough one but any particular piece you’ve done make you sit back and say “Shit man!  I did that?”   You know a favorite piece ?

Being published in national bike and car magazines,  getting spots on tv, including discovery channel, and now i will be on the international motorcycle shows circuit in all 7 cities this winter painting helmets for a major insurance company! I  will also be in vegas for SEMA painting for a major clothing company! it has taken years and many sleepless nights, and holidays, and 12-20 hour days but i feel that i have turned a fun job into a career that supports my family and daughters.

5. What do you have parked in your garage?

Well….I went from many bikes and cars over the years to having mostly bicycles and scooters that my little ladies run around on!! But….dad still has his stress reliever.  I have a 1960 ford fairlane, of course covered in striping and a lowdown to the ground sled. we call him frantic floyd!! When i got him he had the original build sheets from floyd lehman ford in des moines, iowa. We all have a great time rollin to the shows in it! The girls get involved with maintenance and wanting to learn about machines before electronics.

6.  Any shows coming up or anything you want to plug?  How can folks get in touch with you to get some killer art work ?

I appreciate getting to share my love for all the art and octane based addictions with everyone!! You can check us out at , and atomic dice on facebook, our instagram is @atomicdice …..thanks again stay sick and paint somethin’!!

Thx, Bob!  Really appreicate ya taking the time to chat with us!  Keep up the killer work, it’s bad ass!!!!!!!!


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