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Indian Larry Block Party

Well the past weekend Indian Larry Motorcyles hosted the annual block party.    This was year number 14.  This event is incredible – I mean people come in from all over…NJ, Maryand, West Virginia, , Detroit, PA….hell even Cali…and those are only the people I know!!!  The IL crew throws quite a party!   For those that have never attended..this event has it all….bands, vendors, food, beer, tattoos, motorcyles and more motorcylces.  We were there vending all day watching the fun.  Some of our favorite vendors were on  hand  Hard Rider NYC , Mark V ClassicsDevil Chicken DesignsTombstone Hardware  and Mad Squirrel Leather  to name a few  (sorry if I missed anyone!!!)  The boys from Immortal Ink  were in the shop laying down ink ALL DAY LONG!!   We had a blast catching up with old friends and meeting new ones! Sugar Bear was there shaking hands, taking pictures and promoting his latest venture, a CHOPPER MUSEUM in Sturgis.  Check out the link for details Sugar Bar Chopper Museum  Luckily I had some help manning the booth from my pal Sal and KoolAide.  These guys were huge helps!!   I was able to get out of the booth a bit and catch up with friends.   The East Coastin’ Crew were on hand tearing up the avenue with wheelies,  rolling burn outs and other crazy shit!!  CHECK EM OUT!!  These cats can ride them bikes!!!  There was some fund raising for one of my favorite causes, The Aidan Jack Seeger Foundation   (Check em and throw a few bucks to help out) The shenanigans went on from 11am-8pm.   You should absolutely mark your calendar for next year and do not miss it!  BIG THANK-YOU to the entire Indian Larry crew!!!  You guys are RULERS!!!!!!

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