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Curve Ahead….

Saturday I decided to take a ride with a buddy up to beautiful Mahwah NJ for one of the baddest car shows around…dead Man’s Curve .  As we were riding up, we passed a bunch of killer hot rods, so I figured it would be good.  The event is held at the Sheridan Hotel in Mahwah.  When we rolled up it was obvious this was a big event.  the place was PACKED!!  We dropped $20 at the door to get in and headed right in.  The lobby of the hotel was jammed with vendors and pin up girls. We moved out side and saw a sea of incredible cars.  I mean there was everything there! As we exited the buildoimng they had a line up of drag cars that they fired up and shook the ground.   There was plenty of music, food, drinks and cars.  As we wondered around the grounds we bumped into a bunch of familar faces.  We had a few beers and a bunch of laughs.  The weather started to change so we hopped on the bikes and headed home.  From what I understand the hotel is already sold out for next year!   If  cars are your thing, you should try to hit the event up next year.  You will glad you did!!

Dead Man’s Curve


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