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Let the Good Times Roll

Lauren Canelli was diagnosed with cervical cancer July 13 which has now been classified as late stage 1B. She is lucky she caught it when she did, but that being said …
In recent weeks she has undergone various tests and had a 5 hour surgery to remove multiple lymph nods around her uterus and stomach area, as well as moving (or as her doctor called it)  “pinning up”  of her ovaries so they are out of the way of possible chemo/radiation therapy.  She is currently home recovering slowly but surely from that surgery, which took place August 1st. We recieved really great news from the recent surgery that the removed lymph nods show no signs of cancer! This is such a major relief!!  But we will not know if chemo/radiation will be needed or not until after her hysterectomy on September 12. We are keeping our fingers crossed that she will not be needing chemo/radiation.
Lauren has been out of work since the tests began July 13.  She will have periods of being laid up in bed, not being able to go up and down stairs or be mobile if much at all after the hysterectomy takes place, the time this will all take depends on how fast she heals and if she will be needing chemo. So far we believe she is covered by her health insurance and we are really hoping there are no surprise bills In the mail. Lauren needs our help financially to take the burden off her month to month rent, bills, food and for some prescriptions etc as she will have no means to pay for these things during the next unknown number of months. We have no way of knowing exactly how long this will all take for a full recovery to physically work on her feet again after the hysterectomy. She has no paid leave or any income during this time, nor does she have a job waiting for her after these procedures and recovery time are over.  We will be updating you on her further treatments and her progress.
In order to help out with the bills,  Lauren’s signficant other, Vander decided to put on an event at his shop, Vanderbilt.   Well, as the motorcycle community usually does folks started to step up to help.  What started out as a shop party has now developed into a full blown Brooklyn block party.  Vander lined up a bunch of bands to play, booze and food!!  He was also able to secure a TON a items to raffle off in order ot raise some money…..just to name a few….leather m/c jacket donated by Breaking Hearts and Burning Rubber   , gift certificates from Biltwell , handmade leather bandanas by Paul Cox ,  swag bag from Kick Start Cycles , prints  by Mark V and yep you guessed it….a swag bag from your truley Hijinx Apparel   and serioulsy, this is only a SMALL  sample of what’s getting raffled off!!   They are going to have tattoos by Josh Kohn and Gill Gold all day too!!!  There’s gonna be a bike show with some killer trophies hand made by OGP    so bring out your bike, hot rod or van !!  Not to mention MarkV is gonna be on the hunt for a sick scooter to shoot for Cycle Source Magazine…yup..your bike can be in Cycle Source if you’re able to catch Mark’s eye!  Vander also has a bunch of vendors on hand to sell ya some of their wares!!  You do not want to miss this event – not only will you have a killer time you will also be helping out his incredible girl Lauren!!!  And if you never had the pleasure of meeting her, she is dynamite!!   So come on out and have a blast!!

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Let the Good Times Roll


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Let the Good Times Roll

If you can’t make the event – you can donate a few bucks here to help out :

You Caring Site for Lauren20638712_10155530172176838_9195829402759536178_n[2]

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