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Getting into Mischief!!

Folks….check out this UPCOMING event…. Thanks, Pete for the write up and pix!!!!

Midnight Mischief Run 2: an evening of high speed thrills on the streets of New York City!

In The City that Never Sleeps the Saturday night leading up to Halloween is one of the most insane parties on the east coast. If you enjoy the club scene that’s cool, but that stuff’s never been for me. While most of NYC’s fashionable Vamps will be enjoying spooky themed parties at velvet rope establishments; complete with crowded V.I.P rooms, over priced bottle services and other decadent bullshit. I’ll be on my bike with some old friends and some new friends turning a bad idea into a good time. If you didn’t attend the Midnight Mischief Run last year,a few  details about this event aren’t immediately obvious.  The run is held on Halloween weekend but isn’t billed as a Halloween event. So leave your costumes at home. MMR although very well thought out, is not an organized run in the traditional sense. So you will not find any registration table or have to pay someone to ride your motorcycle on public streets. Many of the pertinent details are kept a secret until the last minute. Riders only know the start time and the neighborhood that the run will start on. The exact avenue and cross street is kept a closely guarded secret until last few days leading up to run. This is to make certain that Squares, Trouble makers and the Bronze are kept guessing. All the information is out there if you know where to look. The motorcycle scene in and around New York City is a very tight close knit community. If you’re reading this article you either know a guy who knows a guy that’s been on this run or maybe have attended last years yourself. For the uninitiated here is a quick break down of what to expect: Meet up in SoHo to have a quick rundown of the route, shake hands with your fellow riders, then it’s kick stands up!

Last years run included Manhattan’s best public art installations and iconic architecture, including

Grand Army Plaza, Park Avenue, Times Square, Central Park and the IAC Building designed by contemporary architect Frank Gehry. This years route will include more public art and historical landmarks.

This year MMR 2 will stretch from the Historic SoHo Cast Iron District in lower Manhattan to the upper West Side through Central Park and Times Square before finally crossing over the river into Brooklyn to find cheep hooch, good times and a jukebox that plays Fuck’n rock and roll. If you plan to attend, plan to be out all night!

Midnight Mischief Run 2017 Event Information:

Event Date: Saturday October 28 2017

Location: The NYC neighborhood of SoHo (avenue and cross street TBA)

Start Time: 10:00PM Kickstands up: 10:45PM

End Time: Whenever O’clock (2:00AM) 

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