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Do the Hustle


If you live anywhere near Asbury NJ and have not gone to the Hot Rod Hustle, you’re missing out.  The JugTown Mountain Motor Club put this event on every year.  In fact, this year was the 10th Annual.  The folks in the club host this party at their club house on an expansive piece of property.  I think it’s like 3+ acres.  The location is easy breezy, located right off exit 11 in Asbury NJ.   (Not Asbury Park  – I know alot of people that have made that mistake.)   Sunday morning the skies were clear with no rain in sight!    OGPattyo rolled out to my place  and we were off!!  We got to the Hustle about 11:45 or so and the place was jamming.  Cars were filling up the parking lot and the specator lots.  $15 gets in ya in the door.   The event had live music all afternoon and when the bands were setting up etc. a DJ was spinning tunes.  There was a really impressive turn out of bike and cars at the event.  If ya worked up an appetite, there were plenty of food vendors on hand to handle that!  The guys improve this event every year.  This year they nocticably moved the beer garden closer to the stage under the protection of some trees which was perfect – plenty of room,  nice and cool .   There were vendors on hand slinging parts, apparel, and trinkets.  We wondered around a bit and caught up with our buddies from Black Dagger Apparel (   soaking up some of their shade!!!  After catching up with a bunch of friends,  a few beers and plenty of eye candy we decided it was time to roll.  We split about 4pm and the event was still going strong!!  Not too mention they had an after party uo the road in case ya didn’t have enough!!!  Keep your eyes peeled for details on next years event – I know it will be awesome and you’ll be glad ya came out. Thanks to the Jugtown Mountain Motor Club….see ya next year!!!!  Check out the links below and some pix from the event!!!!

Photo credits to OGPattyo

Jugtown Mountain Motor Club

Here’s some pix








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