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BMR…It’s Really Not That Good

Well…its been a few days since I got back from the BMR and you know what they say….It’s Really Not That Good.  FUCK THAT!!! It’s awesome!!!  But don’t tell too many people cause being a smaller event is part of what makes it so great!!!

It was Wed the 7th….Me and two of my good buddies, Mad Stork and OGPattyo met bright and early to head off to beautiful West Virginia.  We hit the road and caught a bit of rain.  Lucky for us we were close to the Mountain House in McConnelsburg PA, where we were meeting Tim Stull, Rachael and Kool Aid.   After some lunch and beers we hit the road and caught tons of more RAIN!  We finally rolled into Buck’s Indian and the rain subsided so we pitched our tents.

We caught up with a bunch of friends, grabbed some food, and checked out the insane collection of motorcycles at Buck’s.   After a bunch a laughs and a bunch of moonshine (thanks, Moonshine Mike) we hit the rack.

Thurs am the sun was shining and we hit the gypsy tour.  This ride is amazing.  It rolls through the amazing mountains of WV.  We took a little break at Seneca Rocks and then  grabbed some Mexican food at Hellbenders.   After riding  for the lions share of the day we ended up at the final spot…Camp Kidd in Parsons!!!

Tough to summarize the rest of the weekend due to the haze of moonshine and beer BUT let’s just say…the BMR offers, free beer, a dirt flat track,  the tramp triathlon, old school  biker games, flaming ramps, tarp rides, slip and slides, music, and even an Elvis sighting….I’ll try my best to give some details…….

Friday was the trip to the watering hole for the tramp triathalon.  We didnt make it there this year but I heard it was epic as usual.   Instead I listened to my bro, Fenton, and took a ride with the original American picker Dave Wasserman and about 20 others to go to Wasserman’s house.  Glad I did…..David has an unbelievable motorbike collection as well as an insane collection of STUFF!  As he noted when we pulled up “it’s all for sale, make an offer”!  Dave has been picking for 30 years plus and has an impressive collection….check him out at Wasserman Antiques

After checking out Wasserman’s we hit the camp and partied hard….there was an open mic night – which apparently I took part in – thank God there’s no video!   The traditional flaming ramp was broken out and late night hijinx ensued!

Saturday was the big day with more racing on the flat track  and biker games all after noon post the Blackwater Falls ride.  The industrial strength slip and slide came out along with tarp rides courtesy of Sal and Joey G.    The laughs were endless and the racing was intense at times.  The burn out competition was in full effect.  Darren McKeag notorious for lighting his bike on fire during the contest was not in attendance this year but RJ stepped up and took the challenge on torching his bike!!!   The shenanigans went on till about dusk  when the live music started up.  Everyone was partying it up, hooting and hollering and dancing the night  away.  Apparently there was some sort of glitter bomb too…. thanks, Hugh!!   Eventually, the infamous flaming ramp was assembled again  and folks were jumping the ramp, ripping wheelies and doing burnouts!! Pure chaos till the wee hours!!!

Sunday am  Patty and I were up bright and early.  We grabbed some breakfast and said our goodbyes….some of these folks we wont see until next year but some how it’s all good….I entrusted my trusty Stetson (with some fresh gunshot holes – don’t ask!) over to Tim Gelay to take home for me.   He posted a numer of stories on his Facebook page about his adventures with Phatz Stetson……

Me and Patty rolled out and kept rolling stopping only for gas till I got back to Dirty Jersey. Truth be told I laughed to myself quite a bit reminicing about the weekend duing the 6 hour ride home.

The BMR is all about riding and hanging with friends. GRASS ROOTS!!    By the time the weekend is over you leave knowing about 80% of the people at the event. It’s like a cool family reunion!!!  Listen, the BMR really IS that good but don’t let too many people know.  This event is really something special.  Everyone follows rule number 1 : Don’t be a dick and loves to ride, party and laugh!!    Mark your calendar for next year and don’t miss it…life is short you’ll have a million reason not go but screw it all and get to the BMR.  You will have no regrets!!!    Special thanks to the Cycle Source crew for putting on such a great event!! Keep up the great work, guys!!!  I;m counting down the days till next year!!!!!!!

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