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Some one call me a Doctor!!


 So, we got some time with Ron Harris from Chop Doc’s!!  Ron’s a standup guy putting out some killer rides in sunny FLA!!!!!  Check the out the interview and check out Chop Doc’s if  you’re down in Fla!!!   


1.  Starting out super easy I hope…what’s your name???

Ron Harris from Daytona beach Fl


2.  When did you start Chop Doc’s and how did you come up with the name??

Chop docs started in 2003 in Waterford mi just outside of Detroit 


The name came about as like a chopper you take a motorcycle and chop it so I took chopper doctor and chopped it up to Chop Docs…


3.   so we understand you made the migration from Michigan to sunny Fla!  What prompted that move and how’s working out??

I was born and raised in Michigan but after so long those Michigan winters got to my wife and I and packed up and moved from Detroit to Daytona beach and I have chop docs from Detroit to Daytona t-shirts printed to prove it hahaha


The move was a big change business and lifestyle wise but business is Rocking and the Sunshine state is a great lifestyle change no more shoveling snow….


4.  Anything you miss about Michigan?  

 is very few things I miss about Michigan a hand full of Real friends and my Detroit tigers game…


5.  How is the scene different from Michigan to Fla

The scene in Florida is awesome a lot of young dudes building some kool shit and riding the shit out of them and also meeting other shops that have moved down here and building good business and friend ship with these kats.


6.  What got you into the motorcycle industry?

             I got into the industry because I was a body man/painter in the car industry and realized car              people Suck… but all in all building motorcycles there is no wrong sky is the limit and no rules and  building what gets your blood pumping….


 7.  Your paint work is top notch!!!  Does Chop Doc’s just do paint or do you guys do it all??????

I am most known as just a painter HAHAHA Chop Docs does a lil of everything we have our own custom line of chopper parts, frame mods, sheet metal work, one off build fab work , custom seat pans and a metal flake’in mutha a lot of 70s influence in my bikes


8.  I see you guys are sponsoring a paint show at the Smoke Out….how’d did that come about?   What are you guys looking for in the show?

The paint show at The Horse smoke out came about the horse and I wanted to reach over the guys out of their garage that don’t know about paint products and other small companies that have great products so we have 6 custom painters and 6 great sponsors and these painters are going to build a trophy and paint up a bitchin gas tank that is going to be judge by the pro chop off judges at smoke out FYI Smoke Out Is Going To Be Off The Chain This Year Don’t Miss This One….


9.  So, What’s your daily ride?

             ‘59 Panhead chopper kick only with mag and a Harmon front end


10.   Tell us how folks can get in touch with you?    Social Media?   Upcoming shows?


              Ron Harris






              I G @chopdocs

              Twitter @chopdocs


               Tubler @chopdocs


               Catch us at Smoke Out ,The Hot Bike Tour ,Sturgis


 Thanks, Ronnie!!!  Really appreciate you taking the time!!!  If you’re ever in FLA Check out Chop Docs!!!  And check out some pix below!!!!




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