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Chaos in New York!

Check it out…we got to have a talk with George from Chaos Cycles in NY.  George’s bikes have been all over place…shows, print, etc. and they are bad ass!!!!   Give it a read…..

  1.   For starters…..State your name and what you do for a living?

My name is George Stinsman and I am motorcycle Mechanic and Builder.

  1.  How long has Chaos Cycles been open and tell us a bit about the shop?

I opened Chaos Cycle 12 yrs. ago in a small one bay shop after building my first “chopper” and being asked by multiple people to build one for them. A year later we relocated to a much larger shop with a show room and 4 bays.

  1. You guys have done well at the Progressive motorcycle show in NYC over the years with some really awesome builds as well as magazine coverage (in fact,  you are on the cover of probably one of the most famous issues of Cycle Source) .  Do you have a favorite build? 

That’s issue is only famous because there was a great interview with some local hooligan about his bad ass clothing line. We have done well at the progressive motorcycle show, 6 championships with 5 in a row. I’m pretty proud of that as the builders chose the winner, in my eyes there are no better judges. Picking a favorite build is like picking a favorite kid, they all have things I love about them and also things I think I can improve on.

  1. Do your customers usually come to you with a set plan or do they give you a rough idea and let you have it?

I have built a few bikes exactly as a customer requested in the early years, but have learned it is better to take the customers rough ideas and put my twist on it.

  1. I know you used to be a car guy.  What made you make the transition to bikes?

Still a car guy, but with the custom bikes there is much more freedom in design and the people you meet are more like family then just fellow enthusiasts. I’ve met some of the greatest people through the years.

  1. You guys like to make Chaos a family business.   Your son seems to be getting more involved. And your wife is involved.  That’s gotta be great feeling.  Does it create any issues at the dinner table????

Yeah, we are the true definition of a mom and pop shop. Dee and my kids Devin and Ashley are always there causing Chaos, which is how the shop was named. Devin just started building his first ground up and Ashley is always there to tell me what I’m doing wrong. Dee is my first line of defense and she keeps things running smoothly.

  1. I’ve seen pix of the new show room.   I gotta get out there to see it  live but I think it’s great you’re stocking a lot of smaller brands and local guys.   How did that all come about?

There are alot of great guys out there with some really cool apparel, we are a small shop so we like to push the other small guys out there,  we are in this together and we can thrive together.

  1. So you are surrounded by awesome bikes all day….what’s you personal ride ?

Well, I have a little sporty/cafe I’m putting together and my drag inspired Rigid shovster named Thugnificent.

  1. We have a similar taste in music…Top 3 favorite bands…GO!

Life long Metallica fan so gotta go there first. And I have been listening to alot of Primus and Hatebreed lately but hell I dig the hell out of almost any 90s music from Wutang to Static x and so on, long as it can drive me.

  1. Where can folks see you? Any shows coming up?

I’m at the shop way to much, but this year I will be at artistry in iron during Las Vegas Bike week, along with biketoberfest . We also hold the Grand National chopper meet in Rhinebeck on July 1st which is a free to enter, and best in show gets 2500.


Thanks, George!!!   Give Chaos a follow on the Instagram @chaoscycles  and  on Facebook and if you’re in the area, swing by the shop!!    Support Small Business!!!!







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