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Speaking Easy with Evan Favaro!!!

Check it out!!! Evan Favaro spent some time answering some our  q’s!!    Evan is an incredibly talented guy and an overall good dude!!!!   He’s got a lot of really cool stuff going on in his shop!!    Sit back crack a beer and give it a read….


1.       Let’s start it out pretty simple,  Introduce yourself and what is the name of you shop?  My name is Evan Favaro, Owner of Speakeasy Motors in Wallkill NY. I opened my shop when I was 21, and am now 27.

2.       You’re a pretty young guy…when did you first get into bikes and what was your first bike? I first got into bikes and hot rods watching all those builder shows on TV when I was around 12 or 13…Biker Build Off, American Chopper, Monster Garage, Etc. My first bike was given to me from a farmer, a 1971 Cb350, which I still have to this day. I built her into a little rigid bobber when I was 17

3.       Have you always been into fabrication?  I have visions of you rolling down the street on a tricked out BMX bike as a kid!  When I was 14 I bought myself a welder and I built my first mini chopper with a buddy of mine. Then we built another one…and I used those two mini choppers as a resume at a local bike shop that I worked at for a few years before opening my own shop.

4.       Folks probably recognize you from OCC.  Being a Jersey guy, how’d did you end up working for the Teutul’s?  One day I was surfing through Facebook and saw an ad that they were looking for a “creative Director/ fabricator” for their new TV show on CMT. I was hesitant about applying, but it was definitely a blessing. Around 1200 people applied for the job, and I made it into the top 6, flew out to Hollywood to the production company for more interviews, and was finally selected. Luckily OCC was only a 50 min drive from where I lived, so I just commuted for the first 2 years I was there, until I bought my house in Wallkill, where my shop is also located. I was with OCC for almost 3.5 years, and probably built around 40-50 full ground up builds during my employment there. We definitly built some weird shit, most of it wasn’t my style, but it was definitely a massive learning experience with great opportunities.

5.       What made you decide to go at full time with Speakeasy? Last year Paul Sr. decided to make some cuts in the business, and I was and still am insanely busy at my shop that I was running as a second full time job, thankfully without the commute now, since I’m only 10 miles away from OCC.  It was kind of like a mutual lay off…I knew he wanted to make some cuts so I voluntarily/mutually left.

6.       Congrats on the win in Chicago with Ethel!  Def an impressive build….tell us a bit about that bike and where you drew the inspiration. Ethel is a 1981 Yamaha XS650. I hardtailed the frame, changed the neck, with a Kiwi Indian front end. I wanted to run a 21” front wheel, so I had to chop 9” out of the front end. I hand shaped the sheet metal as well. It’s a mix of over engineered simplicity. Lots of little trick brackets, including a bevel gear driven throttle setup I sourced from exposing 70s BMW parts. Ethel is my grandmothers name, and she was born in 1929, hence the name and number plate. Clearly with my business name, I’m into the pre war era, so I went with a board tracker ish type feel. Low bars, split tanks below the backbone, spokes, inverted  clutch lever, pivoting rear brake linkage, soft colors, exposed parts, like my prototype billet/lexan see-thru valve covers I now produce so you can see the valves operate.  She won the NYC javits show in her class in 2015 and 2016, then the championship in 2017, as well as Editors Choice at the EasyRider show in Atlantic City…I’m gonna retire her from the competitive show scene and just display/ ride her this year. But during the winter months she stays in my living room!

7.       We see you do a ton of work on cars as well.   Any type of cars you prefer?  Do you prefer bikes or cars? I personally love pre-war cars….specifically late 20s to late 30s. But I also thoroughly enjoy 50s and 60s era cars, as their design aspects were based strongly on the society of their times…I’m kind of a nerd when it comes to automotive design and how society influenced their designers. IE: early 50s mercs resemble the belly of a war plane, post war, society could relate to that and they bought it……late 50s came the big rear fins  and bullet taillights because of the incoming space age… 2000s electric vehicles because of liberal hippie tree huggers etc.  But I also like bikes….

8.       So what the coolest bike or car you have in the stable currently?   Tell us a bit about it. I’m really into my most recent restoration I just finished, a 1965 Porsche 356 SC coupe. So simply sexy. I pretty much rebuilt almost the entire skin of the cars sheet metal from scratch, and the interior….now I have a 63 right hand drive 356 to restore next, both Porsches are for a customer in Hong Kong.  BUT! My personal car is a 1930 Model A that I am building into a period correct flathead 59AB hot rod….aaaand I also drive around a 1937 Dodge …..and a purple 1963 Ford Falcon van…..and last week I bought a 1919 Ford Model T pickup…

9.       You got wise and moved out of the Dirty Jerze…what made ya take the plunge?? Well at the time I was working at OCC so I didn’t want to commute anymore….plus I couldn’t stand the rat race there. Constant traffic, everyone was an asshole, and I’d never be able to afford anything down there. Now I own a house and shop on 10.5 acres in the most beautiful area of the Hudson Valley for less a month than the cost of a 2 bedroom apartment in Bergen county where I was from. The riding up here is amazing, and no traffic so I don’t need to worry about being taken out by some idiot. I love Jersey, but I’ll never move back!

10.     So, when you’re not building something, what are you doing in your “down” time? Building my own stuff! I cant sit still. Idle hands=Idle mind.

11.    Where can people see your work?  Are you doing any shows/events coming up? And how can folks get in touch with you? I’m very active on my instagram @speakeasymotors and, as well as my website We are also working on building an informative YouTube channel with fabrication videos.      This year one of my biggest events is the Hot Bike/Street Chopper tour. I am an invited builder and building a pretty cool bike for it! The best part is I have to ride it from NY to Tennessee in September, which is great because I finally get to ride! Also my big annual Open House is September 16th this year….be sure to come! Live music and free BBQ, all proceeds go to Autism Speaks charity!

Thanks for taking the time Evan!   Really appreciate it.. you guys should def check him out on-line and give if a follow!    Swing by and say hi if ya see him at any events!   




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