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Rally Cat Stories……

So, you go to a rally….you need a beer…..Who hooks you up?????      EMILY!!!!!   She fucking hooks you  up!!! That’s  what’s up!!!!!    check out what she’s  got going on right here……
1.  So lets’ start easy – What’s your name and what do ya do for a living? 
My name is Emily Lynn Richter, and I guess you could say I’m a “Jack of All Trades- Master of None.” I dabble in a lot of things, I’m a bartender, a brand ambassador, an entrepreneur and an artist!
2.  You’re an amazing bartender hitting  all the rallies!  How’d  did you get started on the bike rally circuit?  
You actually wouldn’t believe what I was doing before I got into the circuit- are you ready for this? I was a secretary for a church in Wisconsin, where I live. I was also doing promotional work on the side and worked an event at the Harley Museum for the 110th anniversary. That’s where I happened to meet my boyfriend Chris Theis. He’s pretty heavy in the motorcycle scene and introduced me to my “Gypsy Life.” A few months into us dating, he introduced me to a few friends of his, and in the spring of 2014 they wanted to bring me down to Daytona to bartend at Bad Boys Saloon on Main Street. (If you can even remember that short-lived bar.) There- I was opened up to a new world that I had NO idea about. Seeing everyone half naked and some wearing only pasties absolutely TERRIFIED me. So I was completely covered up for half of the week, and made absolutely no money…go figure. Midweek, I somehow worked my nerves up to wear some assless chaps, booty shorts and a cut up shirt. I worked less hours and made more money that night than I did the whole week. That was when it all clicked- and that’s when I saw the potential. Long story short: I went home, the church fired me, and I got my second rally to bartend, then my third… and I was HOOKED. Now I am on my 4th year, and don’t see myself leaving the rally circuit any time soon!
3.  You sure seem like you’re having a blast behind the bar…is it as much fun as it looks????!!!
Yes! But it can be trying at times. In order to be fun, you really have to have the right people behind the bar with you. If you have other shitty bartenders working with you, that can make it suck. Having bad customers can also make it suck. There are a lot of factors that can make it the absolute worst- but it’s really all in how you make it. You’re working long hours, sometimes you get yelled at, maybe you don’t get tipped a few times, or it could be raining…a number of things can go wrong at any given second. You just have to have the mindset that it’s a rally, nothing is going to be perfect, you’re going to be tired, but you have to be the party. You have to make people want to come to your bar. But all in all- it is fun, you meet new people from around the world, you make money, and you get to party- who wouldn’t have fun doing that?!
4.  I have to imagine the schedule is pure chaos?  How do you manage to keep up your rocking  figure while slinging beers, eating rally food and getting no sleep????!!
My schedule is ALWAYS all over the place! But at rallies, we’ll get our schedule in the beginning of the week- or a general idea of how the rally is going to be. I also don’t drink when I’m working or go out much after I’m done, I pretty much don’t drink alcohol that whole week…. I know, I know- I’m lame, but I don’t want to wake up the next morning feeling like SHIT, and have to get cute and be perky, while working a 12-16 hour shift. Just not gonna happen. We bartenders also sometimes just won’t eat while we’re working. It’s not that we don’t want to- sometimes we just don’t have time. That helps to keep me skinny. So if you really want to be a bartender’s best friend, food is ALWAYS appreciated. Sidenote: You can ALWAYS bring me tacos….hint hint. Standing for 12 hours burns a lot of calories, rallies can get incredibly busy, so a day of work is easily a work out. I also have an Anytime Fitness membership, thankfully that franchise is everywhere so I do try to get in the gym if I’m really feeling motivated, which is seldom at rallies after working a shift…
5.   What’s your favorite part of working the rallies?
I’m going to get gushy here for a second- but honestly, my favorite thing about working the rallies is meeting the people that attend. The money is always a bonus, and getting to travel around the US is pretty cool too. But meeting the people that happen to walk up to my bar has got to be my favorite. Many customers have turned into friends, and most of the bartenders I’ve worked with I now consider family. I am beyond thankful for the people that the rallies have brought into my life!
6.  Must happen all the time…..worst pick up line….GO! 
Okay, this 21 year old walks up to my bar and you could tell it was his first bike rally because it was like he had never seen a half naked woman before. But he was one of those douche bags with the popped collar and was clearly down there for spring break, not a motorcycle rally. And this is how the conversation went:
21 yr old Douche: Hey, are you from NASA?!
Me: Why? Because my ass is “out of this world?!”
Douche: What! How did you know that one?
Me: Where is that book of 101 pick up lines you pulled that from? Go find another one… (and then I shooed him away.)
(Douche comes back 20 minutes later)
Douche: Hey, come here and feel this shirt (proceeds to rub the sleeve of his shirt)
I then walk over to his side of the bar and grab his shirt….
Me: Ooo this shirt is soft, but it’s not boyfriend material….
Moral of the story- don’t waste your time with pick up lines, they don’t work. And if they do- then you got the wrong girl homie.
7.  You must have some stories…what’s the craziest thing you saw at the rallies? 
There are some things you wish you could just unsee, but you CAN’T! I was working a Myrtle Beach Spring Rally, this one guy comes up and tells me his name is “Jing-A-Ling.” Confused, I look at him, and he quickly responds with “want to see the empty beer bottle trick?” I didn’t know what else to say other than yes because by then, I was intrigued. He then proceeds to take an empty beer bottle and hit himself over and over in his BALLS!! As he’s hitting them it’s making this tink tink tink noise. I ask him what the hell was that, and he explains that he has 27 piercings in his junk. TWENTY SEVEN!!! Well I wouldn’t have taken the conversation any further, untillllll the other bartender that was working on my bar asked him if she could SEE IT!! …no more than 3 seconds later, Jing-A-Ling’s pants were down, and all you can see is flesh and metal- you literally couldn’t help but look, and not look away!! As he’s pulling up his pants, he points out another metal ring he has on his necklace and says “oh you see that? That’s the one that ripped out!” I nearly vomit, go and grab a beer, give it to him for free and tell him to never do that again. I haven’t seen him since.
That was- by far, the craziest shit I have ever seen.
8.  Shifting gears a bit…you bang out some pretty cool string art!  How’d you get tied up (ha ha ha, get it?? tied up!!) with string art???  
Well at least I’m not the only one that comes up with some awesomely lame puns!! I literally saw it on Pinterest and tried my hand at it sometime last year. The first two signs I did I thought were AWFUL. I started a third one and couldn’t find the right sized decal to put on it, so I put all the signs, nails and string away because I was frustrated. Then; the middle of this last December, I decided to pick it back up again. I finished that third sign and posted it on Facebook. Later that night- the picture had over 300 likes on it, I had already sold that sign, as well as had 5 more people that wanted me to make them one. The next day I had another 4 people order one. Today, I have about 30 signs that I’ve handmade, hanging in homes all around the US. I also have a list of signs I have yet to make. It’s been crazy, and has definitely kept me busy! I never imagined it would amount to anything like this, and to see where it is now is a pretty awesome feeling and unexpected to say the least!
9 Looking at your IG, you’re a real fitness buff…how much working out are you doing?????
I lift heavy and I try to lift often. But I do go through spurts. I usually get in the gym about 5-6 days a week, however I’m not too hard on myself if I don’t. I try to eat healthy too, buuttt don’t always make the best choices. I love food too much to say no to something, I just eat it in moderation- or at least try to. I guess the key word for me here is TRY. I make conscious decisions as best as I can. I try to be healthy, but I don’t kill myself over it.
10  So, what’s coming up next for you?  Where can folks see ya?  Or get in touch with you for some string art?   
My next rally is Myrtle Beach, and I’ll be bartending at Spokes & Bones Saloon in Murrells Inlet. For any other rally, if there’s a Broken Spoke Saloon, I am most likely there (Daytona, Laconia, Sturgis.) I bartend at Thunder in the Valley in Johnstown, PA. And I also work the Lonestar Rally in Galveston, TX. I post a lot about my events on my Facebook and Instagram, so if you follow me- you’ll definitely know my next event!
Instagram: @EmilyLynnRichter
And for my string art signs, you can always message me through Facebook if we’re already friends or you can find my other two social media pages and contact me there…
Facebook: Strings ‘N’ Things
Instagram: @StringsNThingsWI
Emily is an incredible bar tenderer !! She knows how to make a party!!  Check her out at the rallies…and tip heavy , don’t be a cheap mofo!!!

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