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Mama Tried!!!!

Well….we just got back from Milwaukee and the incredible Mama Tried Show!  If you have not had the opportunity to check this show out, put it on the to do list! The weather was INCREDBILE once again with the mercury hitting the mid 50’s!!  YEP!  Mid 50’s in Milwaukee in Feb!!!   Friday night was Flat Out Friday flat track racing….WHAT A BLAST!!! In the lobby of the event a killer band cranking out great tunes and there was  plenty of excitement with bars to bars into the turns and wipe outs galore!!

Saturday, the Mama Tried show.  The event is housed in an empty warehouse, which was very cool!  We were lucky we got wristbands in advance….the line was about 5 blocks long when we arrived.  I heard a few folks saying the line was about an hour and half wait to get in.  Good thing it was 50 degrees!!!  The first floor had a few bars and wall to wall  vendors !!   We checked out all the cool wares for sale and caught up with friends from all over the country.  We made our way upstairs to see the bikes!   This show is awesome….it has ALL kinds of bikes…choppers, motocross, café racers, drag bikes, customs, restorations.   You name it, it was represented at the show.   We spent the whole day listening to great tunes, checking out killer bikes and laughing with friends!

After the show a big group of us hit up a local restaurant, the Black Sheep to celebrate Big Don’s birthday.  The surprise was on me when they worked my birthday and Darren McKeag’s in the celebration.  I guess ya can never have enough cake!!!   (or drinks!).

Sunday they are supposed to have ice racing on the lake with Frozen Few but  the weather didn’t cooperate, the lake wasn’t frozen.  That didn’t stop these guys!!!   They went on the hunt for ice!!  They found a frozen lake about an hour from the event.  We weren’t able to make it to the racing but we did see pictures and caught up with some of the racers back at the bar in the Iron Horse Hotel.  We heard they raced all day until a spectator fell through the ice!!!!   But man oh man it looked like fun!!

After some more celebrating and catching up with friends we flew back Monday morning to Dirty Jersey!!  What an awesome time!!!   Catching up with friends, meeting new ones, watching racing, checking out some crazy bikes, and hitting up some vendors all made for a memorable weekend!!!  I suggest you check this event out try to make next year…I know I will!!!   Check out some of the pix we snapped below……img_7666img_7675img_7680img_7681img_7709img_7737img_7742img_7722img_1725img_1715img_1716img_1717


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