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Conversation with Kissa Von Addams!

Check it out!!  This time around we are talking with burlesque beauty and chopper rider Kissa Von Addams!!   Do yourself a favor CHECK HER OUT if she is performing in your area!!   You will not be dissappointed!!!   Here we goooooo………………..

  1. For the record, state your name and what you do.

Hey all. Kissa Von Addams here. I am a burlesque performer by trade, sometimes a bartender, and lover of harleys.


  1. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing you perform. It’s a blast, everyone should go!! So how did you get into burlesque?

Thank you man. You’re right, it is an absolute blast. It’s something everyone should enjoy at least once in their life! Haha, I’ll give you the abridged version of how I got my start. Way back when, I was 18 and thought about moving to NYC. While in the city, a friend of mine I knew through the music scene invited me to a dive bar in Brooklyn to see him host a burlesque show. I didn’t really know what to expect, but I went anyway. What I saw in that show totally changed my life- it was just great, weird, beautiful live art and performance like I hadn’t seen before. I came back to Florida and immediately found a burlesque type show that had just started at a place called Stardust Lounge. I dived head first into the deep end of this thing they call burlesque. It was the creative outlet that I needed. That show, Peekaboo Lounge, celebrates its 9 year anniversary this year. It’s crazy. I always say that I didn’t find burlesque.. burlesque found me.



  1. What’s your favorite part about performing burlesque?

It’s hard to say. I think it’s the addictive, adrenaline-rush feeling you get when so many people in one room are applauding for you. Another thing I love is being able to travel and making a living doing it. Oh! And making my costumes. That’s definitely the best part of the creative process for me.


  1. You’ve performed in many different towns and cities….any one of ‘em your favorites?

Oh yeah! I’d have to say Key West is my favorite place to go. But honestly, there is nothing like doing a killer hometown show. Our hometown audience is really the best.


  1. You have quite a wardrobe for your performances, is it a royal pain in the ass carting it all around?

It definitely is. I haul it all around myself in my Jeep. I don’t have an assistant or a stage husband… but I’m taking applications. Must be okay with finding glitter in weird places and lugging around some ridiculous props and costumes. 😉


  1. When did you start riding bikes? What got you into them ?

I started riding bikes several years ago. My boyfriend at the time was a Harley mechanic at our local dealership. I definitely give him credit for bringing me into the fold, and even more specifically for getting into choppers. I wouldn’t have the bike I have now if it weren’t for the time and effort he put into building it. I am a pretty big adrenaline junkie and riding just does it for me. That feeling you get ripping on a Harley is unlike any other.


  1. We got to see your bike at Willie’s in Oct. It looks great.   Tell us bit about the bike? 

Haha well it’s a work in progress for sure. It started out as a stock 1996 sportster 883. Over the years it has evolved into what it is now. The motor is still the same 96 evo but it’s a 1200 now. The frame is a weld-on hardtail from Haifley Bros. A lot of the components are just old shit I’ve found at swap meets. My taste in most things usually leans to the old, the vintage, the different and unique (see: Burlesque) so yeah. I knew I wanted to chop the thing up and make it how I wanted it.


  1. You mentioned you’re getting the bike painted…want to share what you’re thinking for paint?

Sure. Gloss black frame, tank and fender, with a gold pinstripe. Going off of a ’78 ironhead paint scheme. It’s pretty classic and simple. That’s what I’ve always wanted. Shout out to Joey at Big Dixie customs in Daytona because he’s gonna be laying down the paint for it.


  1. There’s a big bike scene in your home state of Fla. Any events you like to hit regularly?

There sure is. I’m lucky to have grown up only about 45 min outside of Daytona. Willie’s Chopper show at Tropical tattoo is a must. Another awesome homegrown Florida party is Tar Ball Run. That’s always a damn good time. Of course grabbing beers and cruising around Daytona hitting up Iron Horse, Boot Hill, and Broken Spoke for the local hangouts


  1. Where can folks see you perform any upcoming date you want to mention?

Um I’m all over the place all the time! Always in Orlando & Miami most frequently though.  For anyone interested, check out my Facebook page because that’s where I post my calendar of shows.


  1. Thanks again, how can people get in touch with you?  Facebook? IG? 

Yeah! Kissa Von Addams on both Facebook and IG. And thank you Jason for having me on here!





Thanks for taking the time, Kissa!   You all need to check her out on social media and honestly get to one of her live shows!!  It’s a ton of fun and you will not be disappointed!!!   Thanks for checking out the blog and spread the word!!  We got more coming up…..coverage on the Cheap Thrills show up next!!!!  

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