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Dumb Words of Tall Idiots….with Jimmy Frizzel

For this edition, we are talking with Jimmy Frizzel….If you don’t follow Jimmy, King Shit  on the interweb, I suggest you check him out.  He’s putting out some really awesome art!    You can also catch his article every month in one of the best motorbike magazines out there,  Cycle Source Magazine….Let’s get into it……..


  1. For the record, state your name and what you do.

I’m Jimmy Frizzell I’m some sort of an artist and a mediocre writer that  has managed to keep the world fooled into thinking that online persona is a direct reflection of my real life.

  1. Artistic ability seems to run in your family. Obviously, your brother is a well-known painter and I see on social media your son seems to have the knack.  Why did you take a hiatus from art and what got you motivated to get back into it?

Art tends to get us in trouble it has a way of taking control of every aspect of our everyday shit. George the brother was able to wrap the entire thing into a lifestyle that allows himself to paint full time. I never really took a hiatus I just quit tattooing. My patience for people is limited and I’m not happy trying to interpret other peoples ideas. I’m selfish and really only want to do my own shit it keeps art fun. If I do decide to do a commission it’s on my terms. The upside of it is you’re guaranteed to get my full attention and I’ll put my heart and soul into the piece.


  1. I see you’re doing a lot of helmets and some tanks lately.. Is there any medium you prefer?

The helmet and tank shit is relatively new within the past year. I really dig the entire process and without the help of Darren McKeag I probably wouldn’t be doing it at all. It’s gotten a great response and is getting some steam behind it. I bounce between mediums depending on my mood I love to sketch and love to spray paint crap as well. There’s no rhyme or reason behind it. 

  1. You definitely have a unique style for sure. (Which I love).   What would cite as your influences that helped you develop the style?

When I was a kid I received two books, Dynamic Anatomy and How to draw the Marvel Way. These inadvertently molded my style in a big way. I’ve always dug the Ed Roth shit but tried to make the anatomy of it more functional. I never know what I’m planning on drawing it just organically develops through the piece.

  1. What’s your go to motorbike these days? I saw you  working on an INSANE chopper…how’s that coming along?

I’ve got to projects going on at once. Jay Hoffman at Teo Pro car and myself have been slicing on a deraked 77 KZ750 twin. We stretched the swing arm 4.5 inches and went 10 over on the front without moving the wheel forward. It’s as impractical and dangerous as they come but Jay’s welding and fabricating skills are going to give the bastard a fighting chance and we are looking forward to seeing if it all works. I’m throwing parts at an Evo hardtail project as well mainly using other people’s takeoff parts to get the thing rolling. I’m hoping it gives me some street cred so I can do real biker shit some day. But for now Im rocking an old Goldwing cause it fucking runs and it’s reliable I make no excuses about it I figure there’s an entire scene trying to make FXRs look like 80s Goldwings so I’ll admit my limitations and cut to the chase.

  1. You took a pretty good road trip last year…Dirty Jersey to the BMR to the Smokeout. Wanna talk a bit about the trip and memorable highlights???   

I spent a week bouncing around between BMR and Smoke Out. It’s rare that I get a chance to collect lump sums of miles so I jumped at the opportunity to hit the road. George and I left my place and took our time down to Big Mountain Run from there I went solo to the Eastern Shore of Virginia to grab my wife and head out to the blue ridge together we spent three days bombing around and camping until I brought her back to Accomac. From there I took the Bay Bridge tunnel down to Smoke Out for a few days. I had to be at work the Monday after S.O. so that Sunday I did 700 or so miles. It was a great chance to crawl inside my head and purge it of all the senseless bullshit. I think the whole week was around 2800 miles or so.

  1. Speaking of events, what’s your favorite event to hit?

BMR is one of my favorite times. It’s really not that good at all but I’m always down for a shitty time with crappy people that surrounded by the worst riding around. It’s a heinous event that left me with a depleated immune system and a rash that is normally only found on spider monkeys..I wouldn’t recommend it…..at all.

  1. So, you’ve been writing for Cycle Source for a bit now… how’d that come about? 

I started writhing for Cycle Source well over a year and a half ago through the misguided advice of my glue sniffing brother. They let me bitch and moan about the ongoings of a maladjusted society. I use big word that I can’t spell and barely know the meaning of to make myself sound semi intelligent. And in turn I get to meet some incredible people and builders. I’m fortunate to have the opportunity.

  1. You are also a resident of the People’s Republik of the Dirty Jersey, Is there ANYTHING good in this state?????

Fucking New Jersey. With taxes so high you have to be rich to be so poor. I live in the north west corner 6 miles outside of New York and 10 miles outside of Pennsylvania. Nearby is Hawks Nest which is a twisty mountainside road 300 feet over the Delaware river. It’s one of the greatest stretches of roads to kill a day on. I’m fortunate to live in the more rural portion of the state and not be to far from the city so it’s got the best of both worlds. I really cant complain too much Jersey cause if I did I wouldn’t stop. It’s always been home and it made me who I am.

  1. So how can folks get in touch with you to commission some art? Any events you’re gonna be peddling your wares at? 

I’m hitting up Cheap Thrills in Asbury Park in February and after that it’s all up in the air. I wouldn’t mind doing some art shows in the near future but until then you can see the crap I ‘m doing on my Instagram @jimmy_suicide and check out my editorial in Cycle Source Magazine

Thanks, alot Jimmy!  Really appreciate you taking the time….Go check out Jimmy’s work and if ya see him on the road swing over and say hi.  You can’t miss this guy…he’s tall.  I mean  REALLY FUCKING TALL…stands out a mile away!!!  (and he’s an awesome dude!)..check it…




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