A little vid from Aidan’s Ride Philly by @OGPATTYO

April 2016 Aidan’s ride Philly kicked off to support The Aidan Jack Seeger Foundation and raise ALD awareness (www.healthline.com/health/adrenoleukodystrophy)  ….Riders met up at Johnny Mac’s Chopper House in Philly.  From there the ride took over the streets of Philly…literally.  We def got some looks as pack of loud bikes rolled up to the fabled Philly Museum of Art..You know the steps Rocky ran up as part of his training in Rocky 1!  The tourists weren’t prepared for that!!  Then we rolled out to the after party where we shared some drinks, food and laughs.  Thanks to Johnny Mac for hosting the run and Motherfucking Mike for all helping to organize.  Gonna be even bigger in 2017!!!!      Check out the vid by my main man, Patty!!   We rode down from NYC to support the  great cause and The Aidan Jack Seeger Foundation.   These rides are popping up all over the country…..keep your eyes peeled for a ride near you!  Aidian’s Ride Miami coming up Jan 28th…check out the site for more info: http://www.aidanhasaposse.org/



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