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An Interview with the Mad Stork!!!

For our first interview, we reached out to our good friend and mad man with the camera, Mad Stork.  For those of you that haven’t seen Stork’s work, you’re missing out.  Stork really captures the motorcycle culture in pictures.  He knows how to snap an image that make you feel like you’re at the event.  Do yourself a favor and follow him on Instagram, FB or his new website.  You’ll be glad you did!!

  1. For the record, state your name and what you do. hey Jay my name is Ken Geiger I have been a firefighter for the big city of Yonkers, NY for over 22 years. Six years ago I was promoted to lieutenant and I’m currently assigned to the Rescue unit. Rescue1 is the lead unit involved in any special incident, from high angle rescue, HazMat spills, search and rescue, etc.


  1. How’d ya get the moniker “Mad Stork”? I was first called Mad Stork probably back in junior high. See I have these long skinny legs so pretty much any tall gorky land based bird has been a nick name of mine. Firemen are characters and have called me everything from Emu to flamingo, ostrich, stork. Mad Stork has just stood the test of time lol


  1. How did you get into photography? I first started shooting back in high school with real film. I would take pictures of all the beautiful things in this world, nature, cars, bikes, and girls. After a couple years I couldn’t afford to develop my photos any more so my photography would be shelved for several years. Fast forward and I’m at the Rumbler’s car show in Brooklyn under the BQE. I’m wandering around with a Pabst in one hand and my Blackberry in the other hand. I had asked a girl dressed up in pinup style if I could take a photo of her. She throws her jacket to her boyfriend and as she’s modeling against this hot rod at the show, im saying to myself asshole its time to go get yourself a real camera.


  1. What’s your favorite subject matter? Bikes, pinups, fat,dirty, tattooed bikers? Dude I love it all. All that catches my eye and that I can share. I enjoy posting photos of what I have seen and do my best to have people feel like they were there. Through the Storks eye.


  1. What’s your favorite bike event to shoot? Why? Man there’s a lot of great events out there from the large rally’s to the one day shows. Sturgis is amazing because there’s so many different photo ops. The people and sites on Main St, the many different bike shows and the beautiful scenery. The Race Of Gentlemen with the vintage cars and bikes drag racing in the sand, it’s really a photographers wet dream. But my favorite has to be the Indian Larry Block Party. Seeing so many friends, the amazing bikes and the characters, it’s the characters their family.


  1. When did you start riding bikes? What your favorite bike currently in your stable? Oh man I started with a little Honda CT 70. It was so much fun to ride. I would ride that thing all over the place, it was my first glimpse of freedom
  1. You were in a pretty bad wreck over the summer.  Can you talk about what happened and how you’re mending up?  Yea it was August 11th and I was riding from Sturgis, SD to Yellowstone national park. I was hoping to get just outside Yellowstone so the next morning I could be knocking on the door saying ok I’m here let me in. Well someplace in Wyoming I hit an Antelope. I don’t remember any of the accident. There’s probably 8-10 hours I can’t recall. I spent 13 days in the hospital and couldn’t fly because of my injuries, so several of my brothers from the fire department drove out in a motorhome and pick my broken ass up and drove me home. I’m healing ok, my foot sustained the most damage and I had surgery to repair the broken bones.


  1. Rumor has it you have a helmet addiction? Tell us about it?  How many do you have? Why helmets? Ha ha ha  yea I have about 50 helmets. It really started out trying to find a helmet that fit well and didn’t make me look like The Great Gazoo. Then I purchased a vintage Arthur Fulmer at a garage sale, you know the old school heavy metal flake paint job and it was on and bordering on obsessive compulsive.  I would be on ebay looking for a color I didn’t have or to upgrade one I have already. I have sent helmets to a couple of my favorite artists to paint. I have purchased several that were painted by famous street artists who donated their work for charity. To me I think of the helmets as art each its own canvas, or picture.


  1. When you’re not rolling around on motorbikes snapping pix what are you doing? Currently I’m wrenching on a 1942 Harley WLA. I just finished rewiring the bike and I have spark, and I’m waiting on some parts for the fuel system. But I have a couple charities that I’m involved with. I’m a courier transporting bone marrow for Be The Match. I’m also the event coordinator for a motorcycle event Hogs4Hope. The main benefactor is The Ronald McDonald House of NYC, and several years ago we started donating to the Aidan Jack Seeger Foundation. Last year we raised over $40,000 for these charities that help children. This year H4H will be April 30th If you would like to join us or vend please reach out  Oops I’m sorry when I say we,  I mean the members of the Yonkers fire department along with the Road Kings MC. They are a giving group of humans and H4H wouldn’t happen without them.  I would like to thank you Jason for reaching out to me for this interview. I have seen you post many charity events on your social media, so thank you also for spreading the awareness for these causes.


  1. Where can folks see your work? I have a face book page Mad Stork my Instagram page is mad_stork and recently made a website for me and that’s


Thank-you, my friend for taking the time to do this interview.  Always a pleasure.

Check out the Mad Stork today and follow his social media.  If you see him at an event come on over any introduce yourself!   Keep following us for more interviews and event coverage….spread the word!!!



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  1. Kens one of the few guys i look forward to seeing at every event (its rare hes not at one) and I always setting up at events he has organized

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